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Rise. Prioritize. Do. Repeat

This is not your ordinary datebook. It is a reflection of where you have come, the direction you are thriving towards and the path where purpose meets intent.

Execution is key

1-on-1 Intent Sessions evaluate your planning style, discuss customized action plans and emphasis the importance of clarity.

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But First, a plan

Ready to achieve goals and live an intentional lifestyle? It may take one day at a time but you will find that prioritizing your tasks will help you achieve your greatest potential.

make the commitment

"When you gain clarity you move with intention. Your commitment to yourself is held at a high value. Therefore, you execute relentless and accept accountability for your growth." 

"My schedule was spread between my iPhone calendar, sticky notes and pure memory (which isn't saying much). Now, I can't live without my Daily Notepad and Weekly Planner which help me manage my overall schedule and goals."

ann, San Francisco


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