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The Page Eleven brand is an idea formed to inspire people to keep moving towards their goals or aspirations.


Page Eleven has a strong belief in living intentionally through God's purpose. 


Page Eleven strives to establish clarity in how you move. Therefore, you can execute relentlessly and accept accountability. 


Page Eleven engages in personal growth and developmental change. Your inner strength is your outer foundation.

Elisha McGhee, Owner

11 things about me…

  1. I reside in Houston, Texas with my husband, Joshua and 7 year old son, Josiah 

  2. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and a Master’s in Management

  3. If I ever go missing, I will give you a hint on the first 3 places to search: HomeGoods/TJ Maxx or Target 

  4. I  have a serious case of Wanderlust, I love to explore new adventures and countries 

  5. I can watch Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory a million times a day and never get sick of it

  6. I am a hot chocolate snob. It just has to be right! Dash of this. Sprinkle of that. 4 marshmallows and two drops of caramel. 

  7. Opening the can of biscuit has to be one of the most frightening things of my life 

  8. I have a limitless love for photography (mainly architecture) as well as interior design and practice both in my free time

  9. I can probably out sleep a bear in hibernation, I adore a good nap! Oh, and naps are a pastime for adults too, don't debate me! 

  10. I love to snuggle up with a fluffy blanket and a good book

  11. I am dangerously hooked on Pinterest 

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