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But First...Rest!

Ever get to a point where you have been going and going but there is no sight of rest in the equation? I am sure you have and for that reason, you might want to keep reading this post. Where does personal time fall into your busy schedule? We are constantly in motion, trying to accomplish goals, taking care of our family, building a career, fitness, organizations…the list could go on but in reality how can we maximize ourselves if our energy is on 2%?

Plan yourself a personal retreat. Retreat? Yes, RETREAT: the act of withdrawing or escaping, also described as a place of privacy; or a place affording peace and quiet. Now that you know what it is, how do you accomplish it? So here is the plan:

Be Intentional

The entire point of your retreat is to be intentional. Have your mind set on what you hope to accomplish as well as where you need to refocus your attention. Be specific with your goals, it will help you have clarify of the outcome. Set a day/time frame and place for your retreat. If you are able to get away from home that’s great but if not then prepare a space that minimizes distractions. Plan what you will do with your time. If you want to relax, meditate, read, plan or use it as a creative space, schedule out your day to use your time effectively. What are your Top 3 goals during your time?

Set Boundaries

This is a time for you to disconnect. It is so easy to constantly have a device in your hand, but give it a break. Believe me, you will thank yourself later. Set your phone to “Do not disturb” and don’t be tempted to check your emails or social media accounts. This is your time to be unavailable, you deserve it. Unplug and enjoy spending time with yourself.

Refresh and Rebuild

Take note on what motivates and inspires you and make sure it is a part of your day. This is the part where you rest your mind, breathe in and out and let lose. During this time, eliminate the negative thoughts you’ve told yourself, the doubts, the struggles, the hardships. Take it all away. Focus only on positivity, how you can progress and grow from this moment. Learn to establish your own motivation, whether it is through a song, reading personal mantras or just sitting in silence. Do what takes you to that great escape.

I challenge you to start planning your retreat now. Hit the pause button.

~Be Grateful. Slow Down & Enjoy Life~

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