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Let me tell you, the journey isn’t easy however it will be notable. Most business owners didn’t just wake up with a business in their lap. It took months or even years of thoughtful planning, dedicated actions and lots and I mean lots of late nights and early mornings! Here is the thing, if you want a business, do not allow your current situation to dictate your future. I want to share some tips you can utilize when starting (or maintaining) a business while working full-time.

Let’s step back for a moment. If you’ve been rocking with me since 2016 then you already know, Page Eleven was built on a prayer with one eye open. When I officially launched my business, I was working a full time corporate job and tackling the responsibilities as a wife and new mom. My days included being a milk factory, emails, diaper changes, conference calls, lunch date, family time, dinner, product packaging and shipping AND post office runs! So, when I say I know the feeling, that’s an understatement. You see I never mentioned resting in that lineup! BUT, it can be done effectively. If you are in a space where you feel like you want to start that business, or you have started that business, but your full-time job is getting in the way…we are going to breakdown ways to make it work for you.


First and Foremost, you must change your mindset. This will enable you to see opportunities as they arise. You will need to dedicate yourself to development in all areas. You inner beliefs are a direct influence on your outer efforts.

Additionally, how do you think of your business? I remember talking to L’areal, owner of Vision Boards over Brunch and she made a statement that really resonated with me... “Stop calling your business a side hustle because then you treat it like a side hustle vs a priority.” This is so true! If it were a side hustle, it’ll get the remaining of your time. This is YOUR business, treat it as such!

Time Management

Do you know where your time is going? Reorganize your time and focus it on a dedicated task or deadline. Time management is going to be a HUGE factor in how successful you are. Are you managing your time each day by setting out your daily intentions? Give it a try! Make sure you are making consistent actions, daily. Our Wake Up & Work Notepad can help you plan your day. 

(inserts shameless plug)


Utilize your lunch

“Sorry, I have a lunch meeting.” This is a weekly response for me. You have a lunch hour to use at your discretion. So why not use it wisely?  Schedule off the time in your calendar during lunch to complete task. My lunch hour single handily supports my entrepreneurial venture! You can use this time to respond to emails, schedule conference calls, interviews, networking lunches, product pick up. Listen to me, you can get a lot accomplished during lunch! 


Although we want to do it all. Sometimes, that’s not effective or efficient. Use your resources! Often, we are nervous to give responsibility to others but it may be necessary. Take some of the weight off yourself by creating a team and delegating task. By doing this, it will free you of time that you can use towards something else.


As a Monday- Fridayer, the way you utilize your weekend time is essential. Are you making new business friends, attending events and getting our brand seen or heard? If so, great! If not, this is the best time to do so. There are so many weekend events and activities to attend which are dedicated to networking and empowering you as an entrepreneur and business owner. Look into upcoming events, business groups or conferences in your area that can potentially help you network and establish meaningful connections outside of work. 

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